About Keops

Today a leading expert in industrial IT, Keops was founded in 1982 with the strong belief that Information Technology had something to offer to manufacturing operations. It since has been focused on the development, integration, and deployment of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that enhance operational efficiency.

Our expertise and skills help our clients to better integrate manufacturing operations into their global enterprise. Our knowhow focuses on real time operations monitoring, manufacturing process control, and product traceability. We serve clients in the industries of aluminum and steel, food and beverages, energy, consumers’ products and pulp and paper.

We have built our reputation by proposing only what is “best”: either Keops Framework™ or other solutions as needed. When required, we recommend and work with established global suppliers, deemed “Best of Breed” in their fields and who can provide support and sustainable solutions.

If you are looking for innovative Information Technology and subject matter expertise to improve your manufacturing efficiency and to unify local production with the Global enterprise, this is the place for you.


Founded in 1982, Keops has taken a definite lead in applying traditional computer science expertise to the field of high-end process optimization and production management in the industrial and manufacturing environment. The company has gradually been gaining worldwide recognition as a leader in the supply of MES solutions and services, initially for aluminum smelters, and then for other industries.

By the mid to late 90s other industries began to realize that production systems were instrumental in achieving higher production yields with better product traceability and quality. This opened the door for Keops to expand its offering to the Metals industry, the Food and Beverages industry, the Energy sector and the Pulp and Paper industry.

Throughout its history, Keops has focused on quality to ensure that the products or services provided reliably meet the customer’s requirements. This goal has been achieved by working in a team environment, providing value and economies of scale leveraged by Keop’s core expertise, corporate assets and the delivery of solutions that are on time and on budget. Keops has been at the forefront of establishing and improving quality standards with its international practice by obtaining ISO 9001:2000 certification that covers all aspects of its practices.

Since July 2000, Keops is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air Liquide.


Our consulting team of dedicated and experienced professionals has a unique combination of business and technology knowledge and can either take full charge of your project to deliver turnkey solutions or seamlessly blend into your own team and support your initiatives. Organized around key managers, all experts in their own domain, and strategically supported by executives, our team includes over 70 professionals from a blend of complementary fields of expertise and trades. Meet our managers.

Pierre Lavergne | Managing Director Jean Moukhtar | Director Richard Tremblay | Director
Denis Latour | Director Christophe Donner | Director Gaétan Bolduc | Director

We can support you in three different ways:

Management Consulting
Supporting you in making the right decisions.

System Integration
Implementing for you.

Support and Hosting
Bringing you peace of mind.

Market : Aluminum & Metals

Although Keops’ expertise is applicable to almost any manufacturing sector, aluminum has been our sector favourite right from the beginning, in 1982.

Smelter and rolling mill operations have no secrets for our consultants who have been involved in many large scale projects, all encompassing for the specification, design, implementation and start-up of plants.

In addition to these large greenfield initiatives, we also have managed numerous medium to large-scale projects over the years, including production process re-engineering, technology planning, and technology replacement in existing aluminum facilities.

All in all, our reputation in the aluminum sector is strongly established, and that brings us referrals from all over the world.

The metal industry...

Market : Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage manufacturers are faced with an industry in transition due to regulatory changes and increased competition. Improved efficiencies are fundamental in empowering companies to become lower cost producers of higher quality products, thereby challenging traditional market positions.

In 2000, Keops entered the Food and Beverage Industry as a leading expert in MES in productivity and efficiency improvement initiatives.

Since then, our portfolio of projects in this sector has steadily increased, and today we are able to present an enviable portfolio.

Market : Pulp & Paper

Historically, Pulp and Paper companies have relied on production outputs alone to measure the performance of a plant. Today, with tight margins and a focus on profitability, plants must concentrate on maximizing their resources in order to ensure a greater contribution to the organization.

By applying their vast knowledge of manufacturing processes, our professionals have helped our clients to reliably diagnose each stage of the Pulp & Paper revenue cycle.

Market : Energy

Trends in energy supply and demand are affected by many factors that are difficult to predict, including energy prices, worldwide economic growth, advances in technology, and future public policy decisions.

Based on a high level of mathematical knowledge and a good ability to model and describe operation problems, our professionals have helped major players to optimize their analysis, design, and development of their Decision Support System, so as to maximize energy and operating reserve revenues.

Market : Petrochemical

The nature of petrochemical processes is such that the quality of raw materials needs to be known, and it must be as consistent as possible to prevent negative impacts during production processes.

Integrated systems that ensure the overall data integrity of production data are of great value to clients in this sector. Utilizing artificial intelligence techniques to detect and correct data errors, such as instrument drift and instrument failure, results in a better understanding of plant processes, and ascertains the suitability of the plant data to be used.

Keops’ approach in the implementation of such systems not only focuses on delivering a product with a perfect fit to the user’s specific needs, but also facilitates the understanding and ease of maintenance, which ultimately leads to minimized cycle costs.


Because KEOPS always proposes the best choice for its clients, we also work with third party offers. We work with only reputable, well established companies:

  1. They must be “best of breed”;
  2. They must be major players;
  3. They must offer global support.

Meet some of them :


Keops Technologies Inc.
1155, University Street, Suite 1100
Montreal (Quebec)
Canada H3B 3A7
514 876.2855

KEOPS Technologies Inc.
3rd Floor, East Wing 5, A Block
Dubai Airport Free Zone
P.O. Box 54638, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 (4) 2993444
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Pierre Lavergne | Managing Director Jean Moukhtar | Director Richard Tremblay | Director
Denis Latour | Director Christophe Donner | Director Gaétan Bolduc | Director

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are IT solutions that support the primary production processes in a production plant. These applications close the gap between ERP systems and production equipment control or SCADA (supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) applications. Nowadays, MES applications have become essential to support both real-time production control as well as data collection and reporting (”manufacturing intelligence”), required to improve production performance.

MES principal functions include:

  • Operating Scheduling
  • Resource Allocation and Status
  • Document Control
  • Product Tracking and Genealogy
  • Performance Analysis
  • Maintenance Management
  • Quality Management
  • Data Collection / Acquisition

Typically, the most immediate and obvious savings from the implementation of MES are: Manufacturing cycle time shortened by 45%, Redundant data entry reduced by 75%, Work in progress down by 24%, Paperwork between shifts reduced by 61%, Lead time reduced by 27%, and Product defects decreased by 18%.

(Source: Mesa International – The Benefits of MES – A report from the field - May 1st 1997)


Air Liquide is the world leader in the supply of industrial gases with revenues in excess of € 10 billion.

This backing provides Keops with the financial resources and infrastructure to support its strategic clients in more than 75 countries around the world.

Air Liquide

Jacques Chan Tak Nam, Vice Managing Director - Finance & Admin

With over thirty years experience in Human, Material, and Financial Resource management, and in the administration, delivery, and coordination of major projects, as well as with proven expert skills in the implementation of administrative control systems, Mr. Jacques Chan Tak Nam has an enviable multidisciplinary expertise and is of great value to our clients.

Graduate of Lille University "France" in Electrical Engineering, Jacques directly contributes to Keops’ culture of "on-time, within-budget, and up-to-expectations delivery" with great value which is so highly appreciated by our clients.


Pierre Lavergne, Managing Director

Pierre’s philosophy is straightforward: deliver value to our clients and become a trusted partner while providing a stimulating working environment to the Keops team.

Pierre has over 25 years’ experience in automation and industrial IT, in various roles across a number of industries. Leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirit, commercial development experience and ability to understand the client’s strategic initiatives are all attributes he provides to the firm and its clients.

Pierre is a graduate in mechanical engineering from Laval University, and began his career in project management roles implementing large automation and control projects throughout North America.



Gaétan Bolduc, Eng., Director

“On time, within budget and meeting the client’s expectations” is Gaétan’s trademark as all of his projects of the past 30 years have achieved this goal.

Electrical engineer by trade (MSc. Electrical Engineering 1978), Gaétan is a seasoned international project manager who has traveled the world planning and implementing information systems in large manufacturing facilities, specifically in aluminum smelters in Australia, South Africa, Mozambique, France, and the United Arab Emirates.

His approach is simple and smart: break projects down into manageable chunks, delegate with a high level of autonomy and seek solutions, not problems.


Richard Tremblay, Eng., Director

Twenty plus years of project management in industrial and manufacturing applications and eight major plant start-ups have made Richard Tremblay a real asset.

Keeping the team on target within a tight schedule or bringing a project back on track is Richard’s bread and butter.

An Electrical Engineer with a solid expertise in software, systems and automation, Richard truly believes in solutions tailored to the client’s needs and delivers without compromise.


Christophe Donner, Director

Creativity, coupled with an inquisitive and sharp analytical mind, together with an interest in shop flow manufacturing describe well Christophe’s professional skills.

His 15 years international consulting career has taken him to Mexico, Indonesia, Iceland, and Europe where he gained solid international experience and an appreciation for cultural differences.

Engineer by trade (Catholic University of Leuven – Belgium), Christophe also brings a valuable Operational Research perspective to our clients.


Jean Moukhtar, Director

Food & Beverage and Transformation industries, in execution as well as in planning and in strategy development.

He focuses on the broad vision while achieving results and delivering value to his clients. He is particularly gifted in the establishment of business relations with clients, partners or suppliers. He can become a true “conductor” as required by the occasional complexity of a project.

Jean strongly believes in continuous training, and that IT is a medium that helps manufacturers achieve better efficiency and improve quality.


Denis Latour, Director

Meeting or exceeding stakeholders’ expectations is the a non-negotiable condition for Denis to call a project a success.

Twenty plus years of project management, a solid experience in MES (Manufacturing Execution System), mastering best practices and a profound knowledge of the aluminium industry certainly contribute to his success.

Honesty and transparency, professionalism, good communication skills and a distinctive ability to find the right balance when making decisions is what you will find in Denis whenever he leads a project.

Industrial/Production data-warehousing with
integrated key performance Indicators

Transforming raw plant data from scattered and unconditioned sources into usable, value-added business information is essential in supporting the decision making process.

Collecting, centralizing and organizing data; developing and calculating KPIs; generating production reports; performing multi-dimensional analyses and data mining are typical activities required for such a task.

Typically using: Business Object, Cognos, Oracle, Reporting Services.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Delivering critical information that enables the organization to optimize its production activities from order launch to finished goods is the main driver behind Manufacturing Execution Systems implementation.

At Keops, what we do best is provide manufacturers with strategic tools to document, control, and manage an entire manufacturing process that includes machines, personnel, and support services.

Our MES implementations typically provide the organization with the means to track activities and resources, link administration to the shop-floor activities, and they are often integrated with other applications used in purchasing, shipping-receiving, inventory control, and maintenance and scheduling.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Based on a high level of mathematical knowledge and the ability to model and describe operational problems, APS creates specialized heuristic and MIP models optimizing production performance and reducing operating costs.

Technology: AMPL, LP-Solve, Mosek, CIPLEX

Integrated Quality Management with LIMS

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) have a key position in an integrated quality management system. Over the years, Keops has developed considerable experience into LIMS implementations. Keops can help in Commercial LIMS selection; integration of LIMS with Manufacturing Execution Systems and with SPC tools.

Technology: Labvantage, Unilab

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
and HMI

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and HMI systems are used for the process control supervision. Over the years, Keops has worked on numerous majors construction project involving SCADA and HMI.

Typical assignments include:

  • Architecture
  • Standard
  • Test, Audit & Quality control
  • Analysis & Development
  • Start-up assistance
  • Installation
  • Integration

Technology: Rockwell FTView, PanelView, Wonderware.


Plant Historians are industry proven technology that can gather, archive and process operational data, helping enterprises to turn raw data into useful information. The key is generating actionable information for faster and more accurate decision making process. And also, that plant decision-makers will have the operational data they need to drive plant productivity improvement initiatives.

Historian technology can gather operational data from virtually any type of automation and control systems. It incorporates many features for analyzing, contextualizing, and visualizing operational data. It also provides a comprehensive infrastructure to truly link the automation and control systems such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or/and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.


Management Consulting includes feasibility studies, technological planning and cost/benefit analyses.

Making the right choices is the first key to successful business. This choice does not come easily; nothing is trivial. At Keops we believe in taking the time to think before acting. We have no hidden agenda to push, we do not sell products. As a matter of fact, we see things from the same perspective as you, a business manager’s perspective. And we know the other perspective too: solutions for your business.


System Integration includes the Analysis, Design, Development, Configuration, Testing, Quality assurance and Implementation of Custom-developed and Packaged solutions.

A plan, as good as it may be, is still only a plan and nothing material in terms of benefits, other than projections, will really be created at this level. It is necessary to put the plan into action, and we’re good at that. Our 25 year track record proves it eloquently.


Support and Hosting includes application support, application hosting and outsourcing.

When all has been said and done, when your project has been planned, developed and deployed, you may want the additional peace of mind of being able to rely on good and user friendly support. We said “may” but, because you know how important support and evolutions are, we are sure that you will welcome the extra help.

Or, maybe you would like some key applications to be hosted for you.

This is the reason we offer this service. We like the feeling of a satisfied client and we look forward in extending the relationship.


This aluminum facility has been in production since 2007. The facility is designed to be the most environmentally friendly aluminum production facility in the world. Under a Service Agreement, KEOPS was responsible for the user's needs study, detailed functional specifications, development, integration, startup, documentation, training and 5 years of support for a complete MES system encompassing all sectors of this new production site.


This mini-mill consists of a melting, casting, rolling facility (the “Hot Mill”) and pickling, cold rolling, coating and annealing processing lines (the ”Finishing Facility”).

It produces approximately 1.5 million tons of high-quality steel on an annual basis in a wide variety of flat-rolled steels, including hot rolled, hot rolled pickled and oiled, cold rolled fully processed and coated steels.

Under a Fixed Price Contract, KEOPS services were retained for the implementation of a system supporting business functions, such as Planning & Order Processing, Production & Quality Management, WIP management and Shipping & Logistics.


This plant, in Norway produces anodes for aluminum smelter plants. The construction of the plant was completed in 2007.

Under a Fixed Price Contract, KEOPS services were retained to develop and implement an MES system covering all the main production activities of this new plant.


This facility produces billets, special quality bars, reinforcing bars and merchant bars for shipment to North American and offshore markets. Its steelmaking facility includes one 130-ton Demag eccentric bottom tapping arc-furnace, a ladle metallurgy station and a four-strand billet caster. Its steelmaking capacity is 600,000 tons of semi-finished steel per year.

Under a Service Agreement, KEOPS was responsible for the implementation of a system that includes the functions supporting the following business activities: the management of the production cycles to which customer orders will be allocated, the management of the orders and their assignment to the production cycles, the preparation of the production orders, the management of the semi-finished and finished goods inventory, as well as the management of the shipping activities directly related to customer orders.


This aluminum transformation plant in Canada boasts a fully integrated rolling mill complete with in-house ingot casting facilities. Key areas of production are solder-plated, unclad coil and sheet as well as foil products.

KEOPS has implemented a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for the entire plant comprised of a casthouse, a hot rolling mill, a cold mill, batch annealing furnaces & slitters.

Under a Fixed Price Contract, KEOPS services were retained for the specification, design, development, implementation & support of the MES, including interfacing with Financial, BA & LIMS systems.


This North-American manufacturer of packaged food products with $34B of revenues wanted to implement and support Shop Floor manufacturing & quality applications in over 80 plants.

KEOPS was hired to provide Engineering and IT services for the development, the implementation and the support of OEE, batch optimization, SPC, material tracking and other MES related applications.


When this global food manufacturer deployed SAP in over 50 plants in NA, Keops introduced SAP extended technology-MII in order to address some of the business issues encountered in this implementation: Production data inaccuracy and latency. Keops proposed a solution using MII and Handhelds with MS Mobile, that provides many benefits:

  • Eliminate PI sheets
  • Data accuracy from and to the source (MES systems, Bar code, Automation)
  • Business continuity during SAP shutdowns


One of the lowest-cost producers of hydroelectric power in North America with operations encompassing 137 power generating plants and a generating capacity of over 3,400 MW, primarily in North American markets.

Keops was involved in many strategic initiatives, such as Analysis, design and development of a Decision Support System to maximize energy and operating reserve revenues.

Analysis, design, development, integration and implementation of the Outage Reporting and Planning System.

Development of the requirement specifications for the Arbitrage Bidding Tool.

Installation of a data collection system to capture information from power generating stations.

Feasibility study of using a deterministic and a stochastic mathematical model for maximizing the profits earned by selling electricity produced through a cascade of dams and reservoirs.


Keops was contracted to design and implement a Data Integrity System (DIS) for a leading petro-chemical producer. The client required an integrated system that would ensure the overall data integrity of production data at one of its facilities. It was the client’s intention to implement a suitable Data Integrity System (DIS) that would:

  • Maintain and control the configuration of all critical instrumentation and the resulting data that is stored on a data historian;
  • Support the business processes of data collection, validation, reconstruction, reconciliation and presentation of process data;
  • Manage and control all changes to process data sources;
  • Provide management information in the form of key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Pierre Lavergne




Richard Tremblay




Denis Latour




Christophe Donner




Gaétan Bolduc




Jacques Chan Tak




Jean Moukhtar





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The metal industry is not that different from the aluminum industry when looked at from an efficiency perspective. The concerns about energy efficiency, raw material consumption, operation optimization, decreased scrap, reduced downtime, or overall equipment efficiency call for similar integrated solutions. This is the reason why Keops has been quite successful in serving this industry.


Sylvain Boucher

Creating value by accelerating the distribution of information, products and capital.

With 20 years of international experience in industrial automation and ERP system deployment, an engineer holding an MBA in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, Sylvain Boucher knows how to plan and implement operational and technological changes which help manufacturing companies to optimize their processes and reach their business objectives.

Sylvain’s consulting experience coupled with his industrial expertise make him an undeniable asset for Keops’ clients.

Sylvain Boucher